Welcome to the main place I document my life. Mainstream social media just is not me so I built this site. Here on the blog there is long form writing and videos. Over on the micro-blog there are tweet like short posts.

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first esphome sensor


Smart home aka gadget toys for adults. After years of being on the fence last week I finally caved and started my own smart home.

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mallorca and madrid


Catch up post from our vacation to Mallorca and Madrid in October of 2022.

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foundry vtt fly.io setup


Let the NERDS rule!

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hütte höhenegg


Catch up post from our hütte stay in December 2021.


skitour toward falkenstuhl


Our first ski tour of the season leaving from Munich in the morning.

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laber ski tour


January 2021 throw back! Documenting this ski tour to assist in planning of future mountain adventures.

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back to ettaler manndl


Last year we climbed Weibelkante, part of Ettaler Manndl, with friends. Returning to the same area Masha and I went to climb a nearby route but it didn’t go exactly to plan.

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sewa reef controller v1.4


This week I put some love into my 300 litre saltwater reef aquarium by upgrading the controller with new features. Now it turns on the new cabinet lights automatically and controls the T5 bulb fixture I installed a few weeks ago.




Alonissos Hello feature-self 👋. Alonissos is awesome! Go back there. flying over the alps Tucked away on this little Greek island is slice of paradise. This being my first time to Greece I can’t speak for the entire country or all it’s islands, but this one is the best! Diving Masha originally heard about this island before we started diving. We’ve luck to thank, it has great diving. Located on a large marine park much of the water near this island is protected leading to great underwater nature....
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ahrn valley


Ahrn Valley We finished off the 2021-2022 ski season in the last weekend of March. The plan was to join another couple but unfortunately they got Covid so we ventured the Ahrn Valley alone. Part of Südtirol the Ahrn Valley is a quiet Italian refuge for spring ski touring. To get there you drive South across the Austrian German border around the corner back North. Though Italy it feels more like Tirol, AT then Bergamo, IT....
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