19.10.2019 -- #

Combining my hobby development projects with climbing passion. Meet the climbinggrades project.

Project: Climbing Grade Conversion Tool
Site: climbinggrades.xyz
Repo: github

desktop screenshot

desktop screenshot

The App

After a recent trip to Arco, Italy climbing with friends I realized I’m missing a familiarly with the different grades in use throughout Europe and the world. As climbing continues to take me to new places I wanted something I could reference so I built climbinggrades.xyz. Its a little web app to convert between the difficulty grades. More then just a table of numbers I wanted something interactive so I reached for my web development background.


Functional programming continues to fascinate me some 3-4 years on my tech career. With no traditional computer science education when I began deeper exploration of programming topics, I was more drawn to FP then the primarily Java object orientated things being taught at the time. This being a frontend only static web app I took the opportunity for further explorations of elm, FP language that compiles to JavaScript. Particularly interesting is how one can model UIs in terms of types. Record Types, Union Types, Message Types and the functions that handle data of those types. This is similar to what I do at work with TypeScript but written in elm with curried functions, html elements as functions, and typed messages the result is more elegant.

Next Step

Now that I’ve built this I also want have something for bouldering grades. 🤔

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