23.08.2020 -- #

Fediverse > Twitter

Over the last few months I’ve transitioned from using twitter to my own self hosted social network instance on the Fediverse. After seeing the complete mess the U.S.A in with sensational politics on Twitter the platform lost its appeal to me. I joined something different. The Fediverse.

I started with vis.social and eventually moved to my own instance plorma. I’ve had a lot of great interactions there with creatives and programmers all over the world. However not many of my friends or family know about my feeds there so I decided to aggregate them here via a plugin.


I made a demo explaining the project and taking a look at the code:

screencast demo

Though I mention the sourcehut in the intro of the video I forgot to actually show it 😅. The repo is located: https://git.sr.ht/~travisshears/micro-blog I’ve started using sourcehut over GitHub and Gitlab for similar reason of leaving twitter. One less big tech company with power over my stuffs.

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