corsica overview - 04-10-19

With winter thawing, vacation days soon expiring, and few months of no travel I threw together a planned and set out on a ten-day solo adventure to explore Corsica. Ended up pushing my limits with rough mountain trails, very dynamic conditions, and challenging wild camping. Hopefully, the following information will help others seeking to tests their resolution against these island mountains.

Trail: First half of the Mare a Mare Nord
Time: 3,4 days
Start: Moriani-Plage
End: Corte
Full Trail Ends: Carg├Ęse When: Late March 2019


  1. Day 1
  2. Day 2
  3. Day 3
  4. Day 4
  5. Day 5
  6. Gear Wins and Loses
  7. Resources
From hot dry afternoons to snowy mornings

From hot dry afternoons to snowy mornings

Gear Wins and Loses

This was first wild camping backpacking trip since coming to Europe so approx 1/3rd of the gear, sleeping pad and clothes, was on its first trip.


  • Sun protection – aka. (sunblock, sunglasses, small camp towel, cycling cap) During the day it was very hot and dry on the trails and at high altitude, there were no trees for shade. Being protected from the sun kept burns to a minimum. The joy of putting freshly creek dipped camp towel on the back of your neck.

  • Foam seat – Initially thought of a luxury item I found my foam seat absolutely indispensable this trip. It turned many an uneven rock, log, or patch of dirt whether it be wet or not into a dry warm comfortable seat.


  • Bivy – After a night of rain waking up to a wet underside of sleeping pad and wet set of extra clothes in the bivy was a disappointment. Still not sure if it was my fault for putting the cloths alongside my sleeping bag in contact with the outside wall, maybe having to big of a sleeping pad, or if my bivy is just getting old.

  • Deodorant – Personal decision, but for me just not needed. First thing I threw out when I got to a waste bin in one of the small towns along the route

  • Shorts – Turns out hiking pants keep you pretty cool and the sun protection is well worth it.

  • Fountain pen – Ran out of ink halfway through the trip, limiting my journaling abilities.