Rain, rain, rain sums up this summer in Germany. Continued Covid restrictions means not meeting many friends and bad weather means less opportunities. Lucky for us we got down to Italy for a weekend in the Dolomites. Mts This was my first time in the Dolomites section of the alps I had been told many times about. The skiing paths cut though big walls perfect for climbing and ski touring....
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plotting tank prams


Since I started my 300 litre aquarium last January I’ve been periodicity testing the water; mostly with home test kits but I’ve also sent in two ICP analysis. The observation notes were in emacs using org mode but recently I’ve wanted a summery view of the data with graphs. I decided to come out of free text land to something more structured and rewrote the notes into yaml. My partner is in data analytics field....



After our first climb of the season a few weeks ago at Frauenwasserl, last weekend we made it into the mountains above Oberammergau for an easy multi-pitch. With a mix of 2, 3+, and 4- UIAA terrain the route was good practice in different protection strategies. route: , “linke-achsel” translates in English to left armpit 😃🇩🇪 from the car from the house If you’ve been to Oberammergau you’ve seen Kofel....
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bedroom lights controller


We have mood lights in the bedroom that are hard to enjoy. Every day we must remember to plug them in and every night lean far out of bed to turn them off, not optimal. Adding a timer into the mix helped by automatically turning the lights on at a set time but had downsides: still had to unplug the lights to turn them off, had to remember to plug them back in come morning, and timing would become out of sync with sunset time....

lake garda


A four day weekend for us means water sports and the Italian country side. Leaving Munich after work Thursday we drove south through the Austrian alps to Lake Garda. This trip instead of climbing in Arco we focused on the lake. Sailing Friends ask me: how do we sail? what sort of license do we have? I explain sailing doesn’t work like that. Many different jurisdictions and rules exist but what it comes down to is, “Do you know how to sail?...
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On, above, and below the Adriatic. Dear friends, family, and future self, Heard of Istria? I hadn’t, but when Masha proposed a vacation I was eager to escape the home office routine. Promises of fresh sea food, charming coastal towns, sailing, and scuba diving were more than enough to convince me. Back now, I’m here to report on the trip. It turned out superb and I hope next time you’ll join us....

negative space aquascape


Before update you on my reef tank I’d like to go over the aquascape. Reefing is part science, part animal husbandry, and part art. The art side begins with the Aquascape, aka the organisation of rocks to create a canvas that will be filled in with coral, invertebrates, and fish. A simple pile in the centre of the tank would technically work, but for this tank I wanted something more creative....
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korallenriff feed


How to learn German while staying up to date on all things reef aquariums? Korallenriff. A great blog with a ton of original content on reefing. From how two videos to product releases they cover it all. It is a project by ankerundmeehr accompanied by a YouTube channel, magazine, and salt water wiki. I struggled to stay up to date with their content. Unable to find an RSS feed for the blog I decided to scrape it and build my own....

delete all my duolingo friends


Language learning is big part of my life. Currently I’m focused on German and Russian. I’ve done formal classes, talked with native speakers, and used apps. Of my favourite apps is Duolingo. It has a great interface and set of features. When paired with other resources for self guided learning I think it is powerful. Problem came a few months ago when I started getting a ton of notification spam. Suddenly I had 340+ friends and needed to know about every 7 days streak they went on....
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getting started with reefing


One day last year I discovered my partner and I share an interest in aquariums. 👌🐠. Ever since then I wanted to get back into the hobby. Now that we have settle into our new apartment and have plenty of free time I decided to start. With these corona lockdowns I hoped a tank would bring not just something beautiful into our home but an activity to share. As I remember with my freshwater aquariums, the most important thing is research, research, research....
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