sewa reef controller


After months of work I’m pleased to announce I installed my DIY reef controller today! Yesterday: Today: The Сева (Sewa) Controller replaces a rats nets of outlet timers and manual processes with a micro-controller plus relay power system. It brings a more complex flow simulation, automated feed mode, and refugium light schedule to my 300 liter reef aquarium. sump power wall Designed after my i300C Dive Computer the user interface consists primarily of two buttons....

new year, new coral


New year, new coral Happy new year! Welcome to 2022. To celebrate my birthday I added coral to my aquarium. Fish Nerd 🐠 Birthday. Decided to try capturing some of their beauty with a DSLR camera. Enjoy. This month marks the one year mark since I first lowered Masha’s aquascape into a barrel to start the cycling process. You can read more about that here, and wow things have come a long way since then....
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lanzarote and la graciosa


Canary Islands trip It’s the first week of December and Munich is getting cold. Not much snow though ❄️ 😞. Let’s go somewhere warm! Oh and that has diving. munich airport Off to Lanzarote it is! fuerteventura airport A good 23°C getting off the plane and walking down the terminal. Looking out the blue horizon was speckled with sail boats. First impressions Pulling out of the airport the first thing I noticed was, no trees....
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around rauhkopf tour


Route It’s winter and we are back in the mountains! mob at the start Last weekend Masha and I did our first ski tour of the season. From the parking near Spitzingsee area we went up and around Rauhkopf. through the woods The first 100m under the lift was packed but people quickly spread out. I think 90% of skiers out that day were headed to Taubenstein and not beyond. So only saw people on the first third of the route....
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Made it into the alps last weekend for a multi-pitch climb! On a ridge above Chiemsee we, had a great day in the alpine, learned a new climbing technique from friends, and continued to hone our skills. route info, topo, parking Blessed with good weather, we drove down from Munich to the Seilbahn parking linked above. It opens at nine and by then we were filling our packs with climbing hardware and ropes....
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my first raku script -- 28.09.2021

Raku Larry Wall’s Stranger than Fact Talk got me excited about perl6 / raku! I first tried perl a few years ago and liked it. For me it fits in between Bash and python. Bash is great for simple shell scripting but terse syntax and not being a full blown programming language limit its usefulness. I found perl’s shell interop powerful for scripting tasks that benefit from error handling and clear types....
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poverty line, gathering data


Welcome to my first audio post. I like to experiment on this site and today I’m bringing out my microphone to talk about a personal project I started this week, Poverty Line. audio recording Show Notes “The medium is the message” Project Repo Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos. processing animation sqs...
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plotting tank prams


Since I started my 300 litre aquarium last January I’ve been periodicity testing the water; mostly with home test kits but I’ve also sent in two ICP analysis. The observation notes were in emacs using org mode but recently I’ve wanted a summery view of the data with graphs. I decided to come out of free text land to something more structured and rewrote the notes into yaml. My partner is in data analytics field....



Rain, rain, rain sums up this summer in Germany. Continued Covid restrictions means not meeting many friends and bad weather means less opportunities. Lucky for us we got down to Italy for a weekend in the Dolomites. Mts This was my first time in the Dolomites section of the alps I had been told many times about. The skiing paths cut though big walls perfect for climbing and ski touring....
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After our first climb of the season a few weeks ago at Frauenwasserl, last weekend we made it into the mountains above Oberammergau for an easy multi-pitch. With a mix of 2, 3+, and 4- UIAA terrain the route was good practice in different protection strategies. route: , “linke-achsel” translates in English to left armpit 😃🇩🇪 from the car from the house If you’ve been to Oberammergau you’ve seen Kofel....
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