my start in the aquarium hobby


First reef tank post! After weeks of research and implementation a small cube of sea is now being cultivated in my living room! In the future I’d like to do posts on specific reefing topics but in before that lets catch up on my experience with aquariums thus far. It was the first week of my freshman year college. My new roommate convinced me how cool aquariums are and soon we were on a bus from the university to a local fish store....
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scheinbertspitze tour


Route What makes a good ski tour? Tree skiing has always been important to me. Ever since I was little I enjoyed the trees. With my mother and uncle on the piste the rule was I could go in as long as they could see me. My cousin and I would weave in and out of the woods all day. This tour reminded me of those times. great view to start off with...
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schönalmjoch tour


Route How can we social distance and still see our friends? Meet outside for sports! The current rules in Germany are that you can only meet with members of one house hold at a time. For us this means friends from the same household and with a separate car can join us for tours. On this tour we were lucky to get an experienced mountaineer friend to go with us....
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unteres lichteck ridge tour


Route Another ski tour for you. This time south of Vorderriss down by the border to Austria. sylvennsteinseee We got lucky, there was 5-10cm of fresh powder the day before. on the road up moosen-alm The popular route, found in guide books and on signs, is up Scharfreiter, but we had concerns. The skiable Scharfreiter face is not northward and while there was new snow the base was not built up much....
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schachentorkopf ridge tour


Route For our second tour of the season we searched for something off piste. We knew it had to be high and had to be north facing. We decided to try our luck along high wall that creates the southern German border. geared up with new pack hobo skier parking lot selfie Judging the area based on maps, Elmau, famous for hosting G7 summit, was as close as we could get....
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garmisch piste tour


Route First ski tour of the season! Lifts were closed so no warming up on groomers this year but we still managed. The slopes bring skiable snow all the way down to 900m elevation so they are great choice for early season tours. Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos. tour vlog As we are still in lockdown here in Germany, do to the pandemic, ski resorts are closed. In fact there are scrolling signs at the base saying “we are closed no ski touring”....
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winter hikes -- 07.01.2021

Winter has come to Bavaria. Since it is too cold to climb and there is not enough snow to ski tour so we are hiking every weekend. The search for snow. We starting first week of October taking every opportunity to head to the mountains. The joy of getting out in nature is heighten by the challenges of living during the Corona virus pandemic. Have not meet face to face with some friends in over a year....
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weibel kante (ettaler manndl)


The Corona Pandemic made climbing hard this season. Without the reps in the gym Masha and I mostly found ourselves hiking and SUPing. We managed to stay in shape but nothing prepares you for climbing like hanging from a wall three days a week. Disappointing in terms of advancing climbing goals but the adventure we did have really stand out. I’m so thankful for another climbing couple who invited us to Ettal for an easy three pitch alpine traverse.

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slovenia trip -- 25.12.2020

The new year is almost upon us so I’m wrapping up some unpublished content. We managed to do two major trips this year during the breaks in corona cases, Holland and Slovenia. This video is another iteration on making screen casts. An additional camera helps break up the content but it was harder to edit. Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos. dive recording I hope next year with vaccines hitting Europe we’ll be able to travel further and more often....

instagram archive


Instagram the home of my art work and a few personal photos, 2012 - 2020. Hello Internet I’m archiving/deleting/disabling my Instagram today! I haven’t regularly checked Instagram in years. Basically it was a place to post my art and share that with friends. The way I share content has changed and I’m no longer interested in being part of Instagram / Facebook. Take control of your data friends! This post serves as an archive of every art thing I’ve ever posted on Instagram....