small images + folderpics demo -- 14.09.2020

Why small images? Don’t send a 1.4mb png when a 30kb jpg will do. Image optimisation is nothing new. As many of my other developers who touch frontend code know, don’t send huge images to the browser it will slow down page speed. Same applies to the messages you send you colleges. The last half year, while working from home, more of my communication has been digital than ever before. I knew about image optimisation before, even contributed to an image service lambda at work....
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micro blog plugin demo -- 23.08.2020

Fediverse > Twitter Over the last few months I’ve transitioned from using twitter to my own self hosted social network instance on the Fediverse. After seeing the complete mess the U.S.A in with sensational politics on Twitter the platform lost its appeal to me. I joined something different. The Fediverse. I started with and eventually moved to my own instance plorma. I’ve had a lot of great interactions there with creatives and programmers all over the world....
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Welcome to Holland so many wind turbines Just got back from a week on vacation in the Netherlands 👋 🇳🇱. 1 Corona Is it ok to travel? Use airports? See friends? Traveling right now for me is a grey area. Corona has hit Europe pretty hard and my household is still taking quarantine measures. Ex. Have not seen people outside my girlfriends family in months. But how does vacation fit this?...

2019/2020 ski gear


Ski season 2019/2020! It had its ups: getting into ski touring with my girlfriend and conquering many routes 👍, its downs: broken metacarpal 👎. But overall it was a great season. What allowed for such adventures was good fitness and good gear. Here I touch on the gear. Late last season I broke my pair of Lines Sir Francis Bacon free ride skis 😠. Turns out spring slush can get rocky in the Alps....
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year-progress demo -- 26.07.2020

Today I’d like to demo a fun little Rust cli app I wrote. It’s a little app to print a progress bar of the year called year-progress. Being my first rust project it is dead simple. Basically just wires together a few simple rust libraries/crates: clap: rust cli app framework indicatif: progress bar library chrono: datetime library for calculating number of days since the start of thee year The source code is available via my sourcehut repos:...
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archiving corona cal


Time to archive my Corona Calendar project. It was a lot of fun to work on. Learned a lot about Svelte, Python + Flask, and K8s Helm Charts. screencshot Source Code Currently my git repos are everywhere, (GitHub, GitLab, private server with no frontend, SourceHut). My goal eventually is to selfhost a SourceHut instance. Until I figure that out this projects repos will be hosted on the public instance:
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camping in mayrhofen


Spent last weekend trying to stay dry while exploring the end Zillertal valley. Hiking thought the clouds, cooking under a tarp, and driving a high alpine road back, it was a proper Austrian weekend. We stayed in Campinplatz Mayrhofen on the recommendation of a friend. While not very wild the comforts of a clean hot shower where nice on such a rainy weekend. We pull in to the campground just before dark....

peertube instance launch -- 20.07.2020

🎉 launch! 🎉 Today I’m happy to announce the launch of my new PeerTube instance ! A self hosted instance of an open source web torrent backed video hosting site. The goal: a home for my screencast tutorials and personal videos. By selfhosting I avoid tying my content in YouTubes censorship, privacy, and ad driven culture problems. This is part of a bigger push in my life to move away from big tech and be more independent....

weekend in frankenjura


Finally we escaped the Munich area! Corona lockdown have not been easy and weekend in Frankenjura was perfect distraction. Great place for climbing and SUP adventures. Climbing The amount of climbing on Frankenjura is incredible. Multiple 1000s of routes spaced out in approx 2000 square km and two thick guide books. It is primarily single pitch bolted sports routes ranging from 15m to 40m. When selecting an area for my partner and I went for:...

personal site walk through -- 01.06.2020

Trying something new here. I’m documenting how I do my personal site via screen cast. Got the workflow figured out for creating tutorial videos. Thought, might as well do some videos for myself. Topics covered: hugo static site generator s3 buckets cloud front distributions travisshears-deploytool plugin architecture svelte webring Screen Cast: *I’m also considering doing a video tutorial series on crating static sites with hugo + aws...
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