project sunrise


Remote collaboration with friend from US. Making an IOT app to control his lights.

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galtenberg ski tour


Last ski tour of the season. Last last weekend before the Germany coronavirus border closure. Route: outdooractive guide 1900 meters. Got to get high for decent snow. Talking with a guide at the Deutscher Alpenverein Library he recommend Kitzbühel range so off we went. Goal, summit Galtenberg. salomon kit Setting off from Inneralpbach we had a thin layer of snow over mud. We followed a shaded cross country track for a kilometre before heading up hill....

opening climbing season in kochel


Last weekend I was ski touring in the Kitzbühel range and this weekend sport climbing in Kochel. Can’t get this everywhere. Bavaria makes for a good home. The alps a playground. With snow still visible on the summits, the lower elevations are starting to warm up. Thanks to a very mild winter the south-facing walls are in prime condition. Ready to climb. The season has begun. Not bad timing either, with Coronavirus quarantine the gyms are closed.

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bayrischzell cross-country skiing


Ski poles, the worthy opponent. They struck first but not last. And so goes the tail of how I broke my hand and got revenge.


rofanspitze ski tour


Get out of the car, take the skis off the roof, beacon partner check, and head up the gondola. A day of touring starts. Location: Achensee, Tirol, Österreich Goal: Von der Erfurter Hütte auf die Rofanspitz Was taken aback by expansive sun bathed rock faces skinning near Erfurter Hütte. True high alpine environment. Leaving the ski resort we passed an automated beacon checker. Austria keeps its skiers safe. What looks very steep from the resort, up close was passable....

lenggries avalanche course


Last weekend Masha and I took a crew of eight friends down to Lenggries for an avalanche safety course. Besides learning about avalanches and ski touring we got to put our skills to the test. The basic itinerary was: tour up to Florianshütte in the morning of the first day, spend the rest of the day learning theory at the hütte, then do a demo tour the second day. I’m happy to say we accomplished all this, but as with most adventures with this crew, it did not go strictly to plan. The good part is everyone walked away from the trip with a greater ability to stay safe in the mountains.

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mountain safety reminder


In the last few weeks, I’ve witnessed several close calls in the mountains. Also recently having taking an avalanche safety course I’ve had responsibility in the mountains on the mind. Here I share some resources to make your next trip safety and a story of warning.

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scuol hütte


Today I’m back after six days of adventuring from mountain hut near Scuol. It was a great trip with several successful ski tours high into Swiss alps. I had an outstanding partner and many warm nights sharing a meals with friends. After the week we covered nearly every skiable face both inside and above the resort and as a result learned a great deal about ski touring and German culture.


start of ski season


Marked by the start of the ski season winter is officially underway in Munich. The lack of snow in the city has been made up for by weekends in the mountains. Already took my new skis down some steep lines on the glaciers Hintertux and Stubai. During the weeknights skiing has also been on the mind researching avalanche safely in preparation to learn ski touring this year. Unfortunately not everything went as smoothly as planned.

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the return of snippets -- 11.01.2020

When I first started a personal site years ago I maintained a blog post full of little snippets / tricks I picked up along my journey of learning to program. Today I had an idea for one to add to that list but that post had since died, as it was not rolled over in between several iterations of my site. Here are my thoughts on why write about snippets and a technical demo of how I brought the snippets back to life, added a bunch more, and the new snippets section of my site.

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