reviving my dotfiles


Dotfiles, sharing your Unix environment preferences since the dawn of personal computing. This week I was going through my dotfiles repo and cleaning up when I learned a few things. Ended up completely restructuring my repo and rewriting my sync script.

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With winter thawing, vacation days soon expiring, and few months of no travel I threw together a planned and set out on a ten-day solo adventure to explore Corsica. Ended up pushing my limits with rough mountain trails, very dynamic conditions, and challenging wild camping. Hopefully, the following information will help others seeking to tests their resolution against these island mountains. Trail: First half of the Mare a Mare Nord...

trying pijul with docker -- 01.04.2019

Apparently pijul is the nerd’s nerd version control so natrally I had to try it out. I was attracted by the associative nature of the patches and the more pure implmentation of patch theory then the likes of git. Not wanting to install rust on my mac I came up with this docker workflow. I think the concept carries into trying many things out locally from dev tools to server side applications....
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