Lately I’ve been collecting all my recipes, cooking tips, and cookbook recommendations in a new note taking app, obsidian. I’ve setup a script so whatever I write there is converted into this section of my site.

The following is my cooking digital garden. Content length varies from post-it note length to entire recipes or cook book reviews.

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Knife sharpening -- 02.03.2023

I have this cheap-o stone DDF IohEF which has 1000 and 6000 grit sides. Seen a lot of youtube on the sharpening topic but I’ve found Burrfection’s content to be the most helpful. Burrfection’s Knife Sharpening Basics PRO TIPS...
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Deba -- 28.02.2023

✅ Owned Tough Japanese knife used to break down fish and meats. I recently purchased a Sekiryu branded Deba from Messer & Scheren-Shop Bernd Pfeiffer. The quality leaves a lot to be desired but it’s something to get me started. Looking forward to sanding the handle with some high grit sandpaper and treating the wood with mineral oil. Hopefully that will level it up a bit. Also looking forward to attempting to sharpen the single bevel blade....
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Honesuki -- 28.02.2023

Used to break down poultry and meats. Unique triangular shape....
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Taking care of wooden knife handles -- 28.02.2023

Answer: use mineral oil for both the blade and handle care. I ordered [this] oil off amazon and it works great!. The small nozzle is perfect to hit just the spot you want. {< image-with-caption name=“Cooking/attachments/taking_care_of_wooden_knife_handles/oil.jpeg” title="" >}}
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Untitled -- 28.02.2023

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Japanese knives -- 25.02.2023

A knife is a chefs most important instrument.

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Air fry potatoes -- 30.01.2023

Soak in cold water first “Though not necessary, this is another helpful step to making the crispiest potatoes. Once the potatoes are cut, soaking them in cold water for 30 minutes (or overnight) is a great way to remove the starch from the cut sides, thus allowing them to crisp up even more in the air fryer. (Just be sure to pat them very dry before cooking!)” source...
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Kotlety -- 30.01.2023

Ingredients ground meat white bread onion garlic carrot?? salt milk bread crumbs Instructions Soak the bread in milk in blender for few min. Add rough chopped onions and garlic then mix. Once paste is made hand mix it into the meat. Use smashing motion to ensure everything is incorporated. Form small patties from the meat and roll them in breadcrumbs. Fry patties until cooked through. ...
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Shabu Shabu -- 24.01.2023

Hot hot at home!
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DIY Vanilla Extract -- 21.01.2023

Many of my regular recipes, like Syrniki, require a hint of vanilla. After years of buying store bought vanilla extract / vanilla sugar packets I’m fed up with the cost and always having to remember them while shopping. Going to try and make my own. Basic idea is to get a ~6 beans cut them in half and soak them in vodka for minimum of 6 weeks. Keeping it going Some of the recipes I’ve seen take the beans out after a period of extraction....
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