Japanese Knife Brands

Best knives brands in the world all come from Japan?


Old brand out of of Seki, Japan One of the largest producers


One of the largest producers VG10 knives


is a child company of the famous Zwilling Also out of Seki but not as long as a heratige there.

SG-02 Steel?


Also out of Seki


from 1955 VG-10 I have a few of these already.


https://oishii-desu.com/2021/11/11/the-best-japanese-knife-brands/ https://toolsofchef.com/best-japanese-knife-brands/

Large Brands

These are some of the larger brands

  • KAI corp: (Shun/Kershaw/ZT), family owned, privately held
  • Kyocera corp., 14.3B, ceramic knives, printers, solar, to ruggedized mobile devices
  • Tojiro Co., Ltd, so far, I have not found any revenue specifics although I will update
  • Yoshikin/Yoshida Metal Industry (Global), private company

To Research:

  • Global
  • Yoshihiro
  • Shun Cutlery
  • Fujiwara Kanefusa
  • Yaxell
  • Masamoto
  • Misono
  • Mizuno Tanrenjo
  • Global Knife
  • Mr. Itou
  • MAC Knives
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