Kidney Beans -- 01.01.2023

Not to be confused with my Mexican Black Beans recipe. Kidney beans make up core of my Chili Con Carne recipe. Basics Ratio: 1 part kidney beans to 3.5 parts water Cook Time: 40-45 minutes in Instant Pot with natural release source...

Banana Pancakes


Quick and easy breakfast meal.

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Instant Pot Honey Garlic Chicken -- 28.12.2022

Still working on easy dinners with the Instant Pot. This recipe was pretty good:

Instant Pot Yogurt -- 28.12.2022

On of my most anticipated instant pot recipes. My current recipe is a small container of Bulgarian yogurt from the store and 1 Litre of shelf stable 3.8% fat. In the future I’m looking for a thicker yogurt. I’ve heard a cheese cloth could be used but I’m having trouble tracking one down or higher percent fat milk which I’m also not sure how to get / make. Steps wash instant pot thoroughly pour in milk warm on saute low function checking with thermometer until ~45 Deg C stop saute mode whisk for ~4 min until milk and yogurt are well mixed and airy set for sous vide 46 Deg C 12h check after 8h every 30min until texture is correct Sources:...



Kaiserschmarrn is a traditional Austrian dish popular here in Bravia as well. Very common thing kids would ask for at a hütte while taking a break from skiing. wikipedia entry Ingredients Rum soaked raisins Amaretto also works okayish Shaved almonds Milk 3.8%+ 5 Eggs 100g Cup white sugar Powder sugar Vanilla extract or vanilla sugar Salt - All-purpose GF flour Baking Powder for extra lift Butter Apple sause / plum preserves for serving TLDR Instructions combine raisins and rum in cup and let them absorb for ~30min roast almonds in wok no butter ~3min make batter mix milk, flour, eggs, rum raisins todo...
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Smetana vs Creme Fraiche vs Sour Cream -- 28.12.2022

Traditionally I’m told Syrniki are best enjoyed with Smetana which is a Russian dairy product somewhere in between Crème Fraîche and Sour Cream. We can’t always find that so the best substitute would be Crème Fraîche as sour cream would I think would be to acidic. For my friend and family reading this in the U.S. I can’t remember exactly what dairy products you have. I know you have Sour Cream....
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One of my favorite Russian breakfast foods.

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Cookbooks -- 25.12.2022

Internet recipes are great but nothing beats a book in hand. My Books The French Chef Cookbook, Julia Child Wishlist The Breath of a Wok, Grace Young ...
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Mexican Sauses -- 25.12.2022

For use on Tacos or a wide range of Mexican foods. Pico de Gallo Guacamole Salsa Verde Cruda Salsa Verde Cocida Salsa Roja Salsa Borracha Xnipec Peanut Salsa Mole Chiltomate Salsa Bruja Salsa Macha source...
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Poblano Pepper -- 25.12.2022

I’ve saw in Salsa Verde recipes but having trouble finding any here in Munich. I heard from the owner of a local Mexican...
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