Cast Iron Skillet


Years ago I saw my sister cooking with cast iron pans and was really impressed. Since then I always thought there were too difficult to maintain or that they only worked with gas stoves. Now that I’ve learned they are compatible with induction stoves, I’ve no more excuses. Time to try cooking with one! Attempt Number One I bought this pan off amazon but when it arrived it was much too small....
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Chili Con Carne -- 01.01.2023

Ingredients: Main: 500g ground beef 1 onion, finely chopped 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 chili 300ml beef stock 200g chopped tomatoes 400g red kidney beans Kidney Beans 200g tomato passata Spices: 1 tsp powdered cumin 1 tsp hot chili powder (or more if you like it hot) 1 hot chilli pepper, sliced (I used a jalapeno and bird’s eye chilli here) 1 tbsp dark soy sauce Garnish: shredded cheese creme fraiche or sour cream see Smetana vs Creme Fraiche vs Sour Cream Instructions Sauté beef on high in InstantPot Chop up onions and garlic When beef is done remove it from pan and add onions, garlic, and bit of olive oil After a while add spices and roast them as well Rinse the beans....

Deviled Eggs


As a child I remember my mother always making Deviled Eggs and bringing them to church pot lucks. I follow a pretty loose recipe. Ingredients: Eggs Mayo Mustard Salt, Pepper Paprika powder Green onion Steps: Boil the eggs for 7-8min Remove pot from heat and fill with cold water / transfer eggs to ice bath (makes shells easier to remove) With shells removed cut eggs in half and remove yolks, putting them in a separate bowl Mix eggs with mayo, mustard, and salt to taste....
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Kidney Beans -- 01.01.2023

Not to be confused with my Mexican Black Beans recipe. Kidney beans make up core of my Chili Con Carne recipe. Basics Ratio: 1 part kidney beans to 3.5 parts water Cook Time: 40-45 minutes in Instant Pot with natural release source...

Banana Pancakes


Quick and easy breakfast meal.

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Instant Pot Honey Garlic Chicken -- 28.12.2022

Still working on easy dinners with the Instant Pot. This recipe was pretty good:

Instant Pot Yogurt -- 28.12.2022

On of my most anticipated instant pot recipes. My current recipe is a small container of Bulgarian yogurt from the store and 1 Litre of shelf stable 3.8% fat. In the future I’m looking for a thicker yogurt. I’ve heard a cheese cloth could be used but I’m having trouble tracking one down or higher percent fat milk which I’m also not sure how to get / make. Steps wash instant pot thoroughly pour in milk warm on saute low function checking with thermometer until ~45 Deg C stop saute mode whisk for ~4 min until milk and yogurt are well mixed and airy set for sous vide 46 Deg C 12h check after 8h every 30min until texture is correct Sources:...



Kaiserschmarrn is a traditional Austrian dish popular here in Bravia as well. Very common thing kids would ask for at a hütte while taking a break from skiing. wikipedia entry Ingredients Rum soaked raisins Amaretto also works okayish Shaved almonds Milk 3.8%+ 5 Eggs 100g Cup white sugar Powder sugar Vanilla extract or vanilla sugar Salt - All-purpose GF flour Baking Powder for extra lift Butter Apple sause / plum preserves for serving TLDR Instructions combine raisins and rum in cup and let them absorb for ~30min roast almonds in wok no butter ~3min make batter mix milk, flour, eggs, rum raisins todo...
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Smetana vs Creme Fraiche vs Sour Cream -- 28.12.2022

Traditionally I’m told Syrniki are best enjoyed with Smetana which is a Russian dairy product somewhere in between Crème Fraîche and Sour Cream. We can’t always find that so the best substitute would be Crème Fraîche as sour cream would I think would be to acidic. For my friend and family reading this in the U.S. I can’t remember exactly what dairy products you have. I know you have Sour Cream....
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One of my favorite Russian breakfast foods.

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