Saute Pan

I already saute pan on my list but this tiktoc sent me over the edge.


  • 3mm tick
  • full clad and not bottom plate
  • rounded handles may not be the best
  • check for induction compatiblity
  • avoid set

French Brands:

Serious Eats reviews

Top three where:

  1. All Clad
  2. Made In
  3. Misen

Then some others

Matfer Bourgeat more like selling directly to dealers or restaurants

All clad

All clad seems to be top of the line hard to find here in DE though. Also very expensive!

Misen 3 QT Sauté

super nice 5ply, 3mm thick and good price at 100 USD but out of stock everywhere

MAUVIEL 1830 M’URBAN – ✅ bought 3ply 2.3mm thick

Made In Stainless Clad Sauté Pan


DEMEYERE INDUSTRY 5 pricy at 249,00 EUR

de Buyer

7.7cm height on 24cm pan catalog:

Olayson nice but pretty pricy

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