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PADI Advanced Open Water Deep Dive Training

We made it to Mauritius lets get in the water!

Dive one of the Advance Open Water Course (AOWC) is all about expanding on what we learned in Croatia in the Open Water Course (OWC). In the OWC we were certified down to 18m but here we trained down to 30m; I dove to 28.35m.

Besides much shorter no stop time and less colors I didn’t notice much difference between 18m and 30m. I didn’t feel the added pressure even though thinking scientifically there is lot more pressure. As part of the training the instructor shows a chain of different colored bottle caps at the surface and at the lowest point of the dive. It was really intresting to see the red one become completely brown / gray at depth.

At the bottom we swam around a strip of coral reef in muted colors. What excites me more about diving deep is what it unlocks in terms of wreck diving.

|date | 08.10.2021

|max depth | 28.35m

|dive time | 30min

|min temp | 23°C

|location | Pereybere, Mauritius


  • Outfit: Crystal Divers Mauritius
  • Instructor: Chris
  • No footage because we had up until this point never done any underwater photography and we wanted to focus on safely going to 30m
  • First dive with our new dive watches
    • Masha’s Cresi beeped super often where mine didn’t go off once even though we were side by side.
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