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PADI Advanced Open Water Navigation Dive Training

Dive site: Pereybere Aquarium

surface interval

surface interval

This time we went down and broke out the compasses and navigated a big square over the reef. The training exercise went smoothly and we had plenty of time to enjoy the ecosystem. So many fish!

|date | 08.10.2021

|max depth | 11.28m

|dive time | 40min

|min temp | 23°C

|location | Pereybere, Mauritius


  • Outfit: Crystal Divers Mauritius
  • Instructor: Chris
  • No GoPro this day
  • There will be footage of the dive site in a later post when we came back with GoPro.
  • The Termo Premium Dir Tech Diver Compass was uncomfortable on the wrist but worked well when hooked it up as a leash.
  • Still not sure in which use case we would actually use these navigation skills. Seems while traveling we’ll always be diving with a guide.
  • It was surprisingly hard to count kick cycles. Trying to remain calm and maintain boyancy I lost count.
  • Near end of this dive I observed our instructors deploying a Surface Marker Buoy, SMB. We didn’t really cover it in our open water course so I’d like to get more experence with them.
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