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S’illeta North

Last dive in Sóller. Back to the S’illeta dive spot but this time we dove the north side.

dive recording


Beep beep beep. Looking down my dive computer has a flashing red light. Hmm I’m not ascending too fast or past my no deco time. Whats up?

Turns out my Aqualung i300 alarms based on N2 exposure as well, manual. The bars along the right of the screen slowly fill with nitrogen exposure. This is different then no deco time. It warns you as you approach no deco time I guess.


After nearly an hour Masha deployed our dSMB and we headed up. This time with not quite enough air so when it reached the surface it was looking a bit sad. Still worked.

dive boat

dive boat

driving out of the bay

driving out of the bay

diving couple

diving couple



Still didn’t notice much benefit from the Nitrox. Actually felt pretty sick at the end of the day. Maybe I still need to adjust to higher P02 levels.

|date | 23.10.2022

|max depth | 26.52m

|dive time | 57min

|min temp | 24°C

|location | Port de Sóller, Mallorca

|gas | nitrox 32

With this dive I think we’ve seen most of Sóller has to offer in terms of diving. Would totally go back there just for the delicious food however.

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