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PADI Advanced Open Water Wreck Training

Dive site: Silver Star Wreck

As it turned out this was our second wreck dive of the trip but as this was a training dive we focused bit more on safety concepts. Somethings on wreck diving to remember:

  • wreck penetration aka going inside the sunken ship is significantly more dangerous and we’ll need more training to do that. Sort of like cave diving.
  • keep out an eye for sharp stuff that can scratch or cut hoses

dive recording

|date | 14.10.2021

|max depth | 30.48m

|dive time | 24min

|min temp | 24°C

|location | Pereybere, Mauritius

Diving with Germans

Before I left the US I thought abroad the most common shared language was English. Now that I’ve lived in Germany and gotten the chance to visit more of Europe (Norway, Sweden, Coratia…) and now thanks to Mauritius a bit of Africa, it amazes me how often I end up speaking German. Can’t even remember the last time I met an American while world traveling.

Both of our days diving with Crystal Clear Divers MU everyone on the boat spoke German. Überraschung. The elderly German couple were particularly fun to listen to. Coming from eastern Germany they had a long and colorful history of diving. When a local coal mine filled with water in the 80’s they started diving to salvage cars. Eventually they helped form a Tauchverein, scuba diving club. One with fun traditions. Once a year a dry suit diver would go place a Christmas tree with presents at the bottom then in the coming days the wet suit divers would go down and collect a gift. Hope Masha and I find something similar!

passing above the wreck

passing above the wreck


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