Sailing ⛵️


There happens to be Sneekweek sailing event going on while we are there. Perhaps we could stop by and see some of the action

Located in Friesland

Largest sailing event on European inland waterways

6 Aug. 2021 - 12 Aug. 2021 oops wrong year 😢


List of schools in NL

Many of the Netherlands sailing schools give CWO sailing certification which is different from RYA details on differences here. Not that we really need the certification because boat rental seem to be primarily based on a sailing resume. I could help in the case we end up really liking it in NL easier to charter boats from companies that are CWO schools if you have the cert..

Zeeland Sailing Area Book Preview


Jachthavenweg 74, Bruinisse

Contact Email:

✅Emailed with questions about course

Seems to be smaller boats mostly, as seen here

From latest email I’ve gathered:

They have class out of Valk “In the weeken of the 8 and 9th of Augustus.”

“We can do a beginner course of 2 day from 6 hours.”

“The total price is 630 EUR

From phone call:

Price: 630 EUR for 12 Hours

Starting Monday the 3rd of August


normal boat 630 EUR

large keelboat 750 EUR

Private Lesson with just us two and a instructor

If all goes well you can rent same size boat afterward

Over night stay, no apparently only for kids?

English, yes

Where do that sail: Inland

Demarage Sailing Centre

Sasdijk 2x, 4671 RN Dinteloord, Netherlands


Contact Email:

✅Emailed with questions about course

From First Email:

They suggest CWO 1 sailing day

base cost is 175 EUR per person per day +23.50 for lunch so 198.50 EUR +19.50 Admin charge

total for us both for two days would be 416,5 EUR

Depending of day sailing Volkerak and/or Hollands

Intro day takes place abroad the big 40f sailing yacht. “The Damarage”

⛔ fully booked for first week AUG

De Viking Zeilschool

Zandkreekweg 8, 4471 NG Wolphaartsdijk Netherlands

Contact Email:

Seems to be more of a kids camp thing..

Venturi Sailing

Kettingweg 4, Yerseke

Contact Email:


They have some lesson blocks described here

✅Emailed with questions about course

⛔ fully booked for first week AUG

Tip Top sailing

Lantaarndijk 6, 4797SP Willemstad

Contact email:


Wide range of courses well documented

✅Emailed with questions about course

⛔ fully booked for first week AUG

De Briele Zeil School

De Brielse Zeilschool - De school waar het altijd vakantie is!

this turned out to be more of a children’s summer camp

Zeezeilschool Scheveningen

Pretty epic school with CWO and RYA located on the ocean.

✅Emailed with questions about course

⛔ fully booked for first week AUG

also some in denmark

Corona 😷

map of holland corona

  • Restaurants only through reservation
  • Need to have travel plans shown at border


Jul 31, 2020

4 h 54 min (483 km) from Munich by car so leave early as possible


Aug 1, 2020 → Aug 2, 2020

Drive the rest of the way to Zeeland, 3 h 7 min (278 km)

Half day of activities

Staying at Chateau

Aug 3, 2020 → Aug 5, 2020

Sailing Class in Tuesday and Wednesday 6h each day, more info

Staying in De Viking

Aug 6, 2020 → Aug 8, 2020

Checkout Kennemerland National Park

Staying at B&B

Aug 9, 2020

Drive back to Munich


Night 1, night between Zeeland and Munich

Goal is to find something in the Frankfurt area for camping

B&B Hotel Aschaffenburg, booked

easy pick, no reception, all automated checkin by 22h

maps links

  • Campings

Two day stay in Belgium?

The Black Swan Hotel?


  • Booked out B&Bs

Bed & Breakfast De Viking, Booked

B&B 3-6.08, 86 per night, 38 min from Sailing School

Rodenburgh Chateau

will get back to me in about an hour, 100 per night, 1:25 to the course

Bed & Breakfast Prins Hendrik (Zuidschermer), bookeed Listing

Maps Link

Things to do