from: August, Friday, 23th 2019
to: September, Sunday, 1th 2019
full days: 7
off season starts in September so we should experience non peak crowds


Date: Friday August 23rd
Flight Number: 531
17:25 Munich International Airport MUC
19:20 Keflavík International Airport KEF
Travel time: 3 h 55m

Date: Friday September 23rd
07:20 Keflavík International Airport KEF
13:05 Munich International Airport MUC
Travel time: 3 h 45m

google flights link


Average low temp: is 6°C
Average high temp: 11°C
Sun: 13 hours

Be prepared for -4°C overnight

  • “September is a transitional month between summer and winter weather in Iceland.” - source
  • “skip the peak tourist crowds” - source
  • road conditions

Rental Vehicle

idea 1
Company: Sixt
Pickup/Drop off: Keflavik Airport cost for 6 days: 428 Euro
we have some possible discounts to support this option

idea 2
Company: carsiceland
Pickup/Drop off location: Reykjavik
Car type: SUV
Cost for 6 days: 58,100 ISK / 409 Euro

idea 3
camper?? friend of mine who visited iceland last year by herself reccommended looking into campers she wish she had one when she was there. She also reccomened something with off road abilities to access eastern parts and inland parts of the island.


Items to research:

  • whale watching
  • overnight backpacking
  • Puffin bird colony
  • sailing ship overnight/day trip out of northern harbor
  • waterfalls
  • geothermal features
  • other nearby inlands
  • easter half requires 4x4 vehicle
  • “south/southwest corner of the island is awesome and can’t be missed”
  • Lava caving
  • DC-3 Plane Wreck

Blue Lagoon:
cost: from 50 EUR
Fine place to visit buth other local places would also be nice to see others:

  • Vesturbæjarlaug, pool in a suburban neighborhood right outside of Reykjavík
  • Landbrotalaug Pool
  • Seljavallalaug Pool
  • Reykjadalur Hot Springs river / Reykjadalur Valley – comes reccomended by a friend
  • secret lagoon

we know a guide there?
friend mentioned the fjords there and whale watching

Icelandic Horse back riding:
company: HestaSport
cost: 110 EURO – 3 hrs
Skagafjörður = cradle of the Icelandic horse
“If you don’t show them whose boss from the start, you’ll be stuck fighting them the entire ride.”

HestaSport has partner with rafting company
video of rafting in the south somewhere

Snaefellnes peninsula:
most western point in the country
according to friend it is gorgeous

Fimmvörðuháls, Volcano (Eyjafjallajökull) + Glacier (Myrdalsjokull) hike:
A popular but epic 24 - 30km hike from Skógar to Þórsmörk but the there are options to make it shorter. Expect hiking on ice, up rough terrain to mt pass, then down over fresh lava fields from the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull. trail info Eyjafjallajökull

Hike out to the arch/cliffs/birds of Dyrholaey:
Near the black beaches of Vik, 4.5km total out and back, are ocean facing cliffs. There is a large natural arch big enough to fly planes though. “The promontory also serves as a bird sanctuary” trail report with pics more info wikipedia
tags: [waterfall, south, Golden Circle]

Walk out and see the Seljalandsfoss waterfall:
wikipedia more info

Walk out and see the Skogafoss waterfall:
62m tall and 15m wide Skogafoss falls if we are in the area it is definitely worth a stop. We could take the 527steps up to the observation deck and even potentially hike further up the Skógá river to see some 20+.
more info wikipedia google maps
tags: [waterfall, south, golden-circle]

Hike up Hekla Volcano:
Not the most famous volcano on the island but I think one of the less visited southern attractions. Looks quite adventurous even in summer as seen in this review.
google maps
tags: [south]

Walk along the black sand beaches of Vik:
Vik is a small town situated along the cost featuring black sand beaches and impressive cliffs. It would make a good starting point if we want to hike out to the Dyrholaey cliffs.
google maps
tags: [south, golden-circle]

Walking out the active geyser at Geysir:
geothermal hot springs, active geysers and boiling mud pits just like Yellowstone’s old faithful
will most likely be lots of tourists
part of the south’s Golden Circle
more info google maps
tags: [south, golden-circle]

Hiking though continental drift valley in Thingvellir National Park:
Interesting geography where the continental plates are pulling apart. Does not seem that big so perfect for a mid day two hour hike though the valley created by the drift. Being located as part of south Iceland’s Golden Circle it may be busy.
pics and history pdf park map google map
tags: [south, golden-circle, hike]

Hike out to the Gullfoss waterfall:
“1.9 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail”. Looks beautiful but will be busy as it’s part of the south’s Golden Circle
more info google maps
tags: [south, golden-circle]

Walk around small village of Hveragerði:
located in the south of the island near Reykjavík
geothermal flower village
google map city map
tags: [south]

Hike around the Hverfjall Crator:
Volcano in norhtern iceland thats left a 1km dimater creator you can hike
google map
[more info[(


Car camping in campgrounds with tents seems like most economical options and fun option. For the first night and last night a hostel in Reykjavik would work.


  • no fires
  • wild camping since 2017 has been restricted quite a bit

Template itineraries

  • Laugavegur, 6 days trek
    Hut to hut hike up a portion of Iceland starting on the south of the island a bit to the west then hiking toward the center. The route features impressive hilly/mountain landscape with lava rock fields, boiling springs, valley crossings and more.
    Avg distance per day: 14km
    Route: kmoot
    Total Distance: 87km
    Elevation Change: 2468m Up, Down 3025m

  • Ring road idea
    My initial idea would be to drive the ring road and stop off at cool locations for hiking, swimming and such. The road is 1,332 kilometres long and with speeds limits of 80-90km/h we would have approx 17 – 20 hours to complete the road. Split over 6 days thats 2h45m of driving per day. This totals out to quite a bit of driving so perhaps it’s better to find some of the best spots on the south half of the island and only try and hit those
    Sample itinerary: