Another great weekend of talks centered around art, tech, and design. Here are my personal notes on each talk.

Kikk festival –
Location: Namur Belgium
Dates: Oct 31st - Nov 1st 2019

For images and more links check out my channel on KIKK 2019

Meme culture


Tom Galle – meme artist –
Anush Sarkisian – Strategy Director at Virtue (creative agency by VICE)

Main Topics:

  • Hypermemetic society
  • Irony on irony
  • website -> Instagram -> mini games streaming on twitch
  • Beauty of tech fades as big companies steal data
  • Instagram commodification leads to mini games on twitch instead

Cool Projects from Tom Galle:

  • Macbook selfie stick
  • Tinder VR:
    • compounding anxieties
  • Netflix and chill airbnb themed interior
  • Punch a monet, web game
  • Sad tweets website
  • Drake weather website
  • Goodbye unfollower twitter bot
  • Vegan iPhone Case, instagram post
  • iPhone shoe laces, instagram post
  • Crucified fidget spinner
  • Personal digital space
  • Coper gear
  • Climate change camo wear
  • Tesla warriors
  • Hammer and suckle ordered on Amazon
  • Game to burn Amazon but leveraging twitch

HKI Paris studio

  • Flash based interactive work by two creative directors who jumped ship and created their own studio
  • MAD festival intro really fucked up, gore
  • Projection mapping is all the rage
  • Multiple screen projects:
    • exhibition “aftermath, Atelier des Lumières Paris
  • Cinema 4D –> Unity -> after effects

Random studio

Base studio

Technologist for Social Good

  • Mala Kumar, from UN now at Github
  • Tech in sub saharan africa
  • Rapid flow – SMS tool
  • Ag results by Deloitte
  • Paper in important if you want to be taken serisouly

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • UN volunteers
  • Catchafire
  • Github for good volunteering

Field studio

Design and Happiness

  • Stefan Sagmeister
  • Cognitive therapy, seeking out discomfort
    • forcing one’s self for ex to talk to women on the street
  • Leverage calendar to motivate projects
  • Most meaningful are often the ones we inspire on ourselves
  • Medication for him had a temporary benefit but long term did not help and daily physical exercise was better
  • passionate love vs compassionate love
  • happy film
  • happy exhibition / show

Female Biophila

Speaker: Giulia Tomasello

Main areas of focus:

  1. Bio hacking
  2. Wearable computing
  3. Digital fabrication
  4. Bio couture

Awards & Grants:

  • BioMarker challenge
  • Re-frame project
  • Teaches coded bodies

Other notes:

  • Breath with diaphragm with smart corset
  • Vaginal infection prevention kit
  • Wearable future implies more electronic waste, so how may we create bio wearables
  • Now works out of bio hack space
  • DIY philosophy and discipline
  • Self taught bacteria scientists, that started at home
  • Community is key to developing these skills as well
  • Domestication of science, aka not just for old white men
  • Sonja Baumel – inspiration
  • Mother dirt - subverts notion we must clean off all bacteria
  • “What if we could wear bacteria to in power women”
  • Vaginal infection kit permit exhibition at the MAK Vienna
  • Arts electronica award for art inspired tech break through
  • Current project, wearable vaginal fluid sensor

Hyphen labs

Breaking into reality

  • Nexus studios
  • Hyper reality video as source on inspiriting and warning of what XR could become
  • Reality of the city can be thought of in layers from the physical (pluming, buildings), to invisible (circulation, traffic). Then on top of that there is a new layer of entertainment and digital utility of XR




Aaron Duffy