Adventure medicine, What I carry.

kit overview

kit overview

a) Wilderness Med Guide
b) Small Med Kit
c) Medium Med Kit
d) Split set

Wilderness guide

Travel size book filled with medical advice and improvisation methods


Small Med Kit breakdown

small kit disassembled

small kit disassembled

a) 4x throat lozenges
b) 5x aspirin
c) 1x diphenhydramine
d) 4x magnesium
e) 4x vitamin c
f) 10x chlorine water filtration tabs
g) 4x ibuprofen
h) 1x after bite cream
i) 3x antiseptic towelette
j) 2x acetaminophen
k) 7x pepto-bismol tabs
l) 1x safety pin
m) 2x m-bandages
n) 1x small sterile sponge
o) 1x flint and steel
p) 1x whistle
q) 1x lighter
r) 2x small bandage rolles
s) 1x medical tape
t) 4x bandages
u) blister pad paper
v) 2x heal blister pad
w) 8x small bandage

Medium Med Kit breakdown

medium kit disassembled

medium kit disassembled

a) 2x medical glove pairs
b) 1x sewing kit
c) 2x medical tape
d) 4x large bandage
e) 8x small bandage
f) 1x med sterile sponge
g) 20x disinfectant towelette
h) 1x nail clippers
i) 1x swiss army knife
j) 1x allergy eye drops
k) 1x thermometer
l) 1x wound cleaning gel
m) 1x would cleaning spray
n) small medical guides
o) 1x lighter
p) 8x extra small blister pad
q) 2x heel blister pad
r) 1x emergency rain poncho
s) 1x emergency blanket
t) 1x hand warmer
u) 1x 100ml 30spf sun screen
v) assortment of blister papers
w) 3x m bandages
x) 4x extra small bandages
y) 6x water proof bandages
z) 9x clartin-d, 8x loranoakut, allergy pills
aa) 2x aspirin
bb) 1x after bite gel
cc) 1x diphenhydramine
dd) 1x acetaminophen
ee) 2x magnesium
ff) 9x antibiotic
also t) 19x ibuprofen 400mg

Not pictured:

  • small forcepts
  • lip balm
split kit disassembled

split kit disassembled

Split Set breakdown

a) 2x finger size splint
b) 1x arm size splint
c) 1x calf/ankle size splint