Hey dude here is what I thought of the songs you sent me. Tried to paste this in massager but it was a mess.

Songs Reviews for Sheldon

Anoraak, Above your head — I like synth base line but not fan of the vocals

Blood Orange, Sutphin Boulevard — not for me

Dan Decon, When I Was Done Dying — Nice building melody

Flume, Rushing Back — Too electronic for me

Texas Sun — Love this one. Masha also

Los Porcos, Do You Wanna Live? — Like this one!

Louis The Child, Free — Don’t normally go for this sort of pop but this one is pretty good

Persona La Ave, Going Deaf — Chill instrumental I dig it

Pigons Playing Ping Pong, Horizon — Added this one to my liked songs. Solid pic

Robby Hunter Band, Corazon — Not bad

Skylar Spence, Private Caller — Added to my synch wave playlist, thanks

Tom’s Place, Soul Symmetry — Surprisingly good for a former classmate!