• Third month at working at, its a streaming service like Netflix targeting the German market.
  • Really enjoying my reef aquarium. The latest micro-blog and blog posts are here


  • Blog post on second trip to Ettaler Manndl in the works
  • First home printed PCB
  • DIY Christmas ornaments
    • ✅ Green and red led’s ordered received from China.
    • Home printed PCBs


  • Found an undocumented ski tour when I was exporting photos to my NAS. Thinking of creating a blog post for it.
  • Never documented the hütte vacation Masha and I did this winter. That lot of cool ski tours and my first snowshoe tour to share.
  • Hobby elections + Art project focused on generative circuit tree graph perpetually updated to a DIY kindle sized e-ink display.
  • Keller temperature and humidity recorder and display hobby elections project.

✅ Completed