sign git commits - 06-08-22

Who doesn’t want the cool “verified” badge in Gitlab.

coolness badge

coolness badge

To get this we must sign our commits via gpg.

Step 1: Figure out which key you are going to use

$ gpg --list-keys
pub   rsa3072 2020-01-01 [SC] [expires: 2030-01-01]
uid           [ultimate] Travis Shears <>
sub   rsa3072 2020-01-01 [E] [expires: 2030-01-01]

pub   rsa2048 2020-01-01 [SC] [expires: 2030-01-01]
uid           [ultimate] Travis Shears <>
sub   rsa2048 2020-01-01 [E] [expires: 2030-01-01]

In this case I’ll use key

Step two: Configure git to sign commits with the gpg key

Edit your ~/.gitconfig to look something like this

   name = Travis Shears
   email =
       gpgsign = true

We added the signingkey so git knows which key to use and we specified gpgsign so git knows we want to sign all commits.

Step three: Copy your public gpg key to clipboard


You can also do it with the email of the key

$ gpg --armor --export | pbcopy

Step four: Paste your public gpg key into settings page of your favorite version control site, ex: Github, Gitlab, Source Hut.


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