Tag: [python]

archiving corona cal -- July 23, 2020

Time to archive my Corona Calendar project. It was a lot of fun to work on. Learned a lot about Svelte, Python + Flask, and K8s Helm Charts. screencshot Source Code Currently my git repos are everywhere, (GitHub, GitLab, private server with no frontend, SourceHut). My goal eventually is to selfhost a SourceHut instance. Until I figure that out this projects repos will be hosted on the public instance:

first svelte app -- May 2, 2020

Corona Quarantine has been hard on all of us. To fight the boredom I started collecting online events. Now I’m sharing them via an app I built, /corona_cal. Take a look. The events mostly centre around my interest in art, gaming, and technology. Tech I’m in the process of learning Python and Svelte currently in my side projects. Corona Cal fits fits this stack perfectly. I did the backend layer in python and the frontend in Svelte.

project sunrise -- April 30, 2020

Project Name: Sunrise Goal: Provide a sunrise via synchronised iot lights What we achieved: Controlling a single light via secure webapp Repo: https://gitlab.com/BTBTravis/sunrise Sunrise, a really fun project to control IOT lights. Teamed up after several years once again Steven and I united powers to make something for this the April 2020 Rokkin Cat Hank and Tell. We learned a good deal along the way and ended up with something half way functional.

army cook bot -- July 1, 2019

Educational twitter bot that tweets about WWII era military cooking. Twitter account: @ArmyCookBot1 twitter account on launch day Army cooking bot like most of my projects came out of a mixture of artistic vision and ich to explore a new technology. I find twitter bots a compelling form of communication. This haze around what content is human authored, machine, or a combination of the two is a fun playground. Currently this bot leans more toward the outwardly machine, but that may change as I attempt to instill the army spirit.