Tag: [react]

project sunrise -- April 30, 2020

Project Name: Sunrise Goal: Provide a sunrise via synchronised iot lights What we achieved: Controlling a single light via secure webapp Repo: https://gitlab.com/BTBTravis/sunrise Sunrise, a really fun project to control IOT lights. Teamed up after several years once again Steven and I united powers to make something for this the April 2020 Rokkin Cat Hank and Tell. We learned a good deal along the way and ended up with something half way functional.

scanning for meaning -- July 14, 2019

Project: Scanning for Meaning Site: scanning-for-meaning.travisshears.xyz Repo: gitlab Pics: menus collapsed menus expanded full-screen Revive Excited to bring my little over a year old art project, Scanning for Meaning, back to life today. The project comes out of this cyberpunk dream of living with these pixel waterfalls. Putting this project on a large screen and just letting the colors wash over the room excites me. It’s also an experiments in the “web app” as an medium for artistic expression leveraging the frontend development I was doing at the time.