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scuol hütte -- February 3, 2020

masha and i Today I’m back after six days of adventuring from mountain hut near Scuol. It was a great trip with several successful ski tours high into Swiss alps. I had an outstanding partner and many warm nights sharing a meals with friends. After the week we covered nearly every skiable face both inside and above the resort and as a result learned a great deal about ski touring and German culture.

arco -- October 9, 2019

Drinking red wine and enjoying the warm breeze overlooking the lights reflecting off Lake Garda, wait how did I get here? I was suppose to be in the Balkans. Well 24 hours prior to when we were set to leave Munich for Kosovo the carrier we booked, Adria airline, went bankrupt and canceled all flights, what luck. So we moved to a backup plan of a weekend climbing and doing via ferrata in the Arco area on Lake Garda.

lofoten -- September 29, 2019

The Lofoten archipelago, a Norwegian chain of islands in the arctic circle and the destination of my most ambitious backpacking trip to date. Myself along with a group of 7 friends and colleges got together and for a week to become trekking team exploring the land of breath taking views, fjords, and midnight sun. where is lofoten? trip planning near isar river bergen airport last meal in civilation, bodø

hacking health in zurich -- September 23, 2019

“Hacking health” in Zurich, this weekend I attended a health” in Zurich. I attended a hackathon focused on innovation in the health care sector. Getting outside Munich for reasons other than mountaineering or tourism, what a concept! The event opened me up to exploring the wonderful city if Zurich with friends, go to my first European hackathon, and learning a bit of Go lang. Zurich, similar to Munich, feels like a really big village.

iceland -- September 2, 2019

Originally wrote this post in German in an interview form. So here is the translation back to English by hand. moon walk Q: Welcome back, where did you go? A: Today I’m returning from an Iceland round trip. During my Iceland tour I saw black beaches, picturesque mountains, breathtaking nature. Dyrhólaey rock arch Q: This is your second trip to the Nordic region. Why do you enjoy traveling in Iceland and Norway?

canada -- July 12, 2019

Trip overview Recently my mother was doing a tour up the east coast in her small RV and I made my way out to join for the Nova Scotia portion. Having completed other trips prior I relied on her for most of the planning and she delivered a nice adventure for us. I flew Munich, Montreal, Halifax from which we imminently headed north to Green Oaks for some tidal bore rafting.

switzerland + liechtenstein -- July 5, 2019

Trip overview This being the start of my first full German summer it was time for a road trip to share experiences with the friends I had made over winter. During the three day weekend I was properly introduced to Switzerland and Liechtenstein with mountain hiking, valley camping, and historic city tours. Day 1: Munich -> Lauterbrunnen Hike: Lauterbrunnen valley up around Allmendhubel Camping: Camping Jungfrau Holiday Park Memory:

corsica -- April 10, 2019

With winter thawing, vacation days soon expiring, and few months of no travel I threw together a planned and set out on a ten-day solo adventure to explore Corsica. Ended up pushing my limits with rough mountain trails, very dynamic conditions, and challenging wild camping. Hopefully, the following information will help others seeking to tests their resolution against these island mountains. Trail: First half of the Mare a Mare Nord