Tutorial Topic: [github]

Pull Request Homework Workflow -- May 1, 2020

Full version control pull request homework work flow, what could go wrong? I made this video to show students how to submit their homework as a pull request. The main oversight? Not having students configure their github repos to have protected master with one approve required on merge. So many unapproved merges 😭. Video: https://video.travisshears.xyz/videos/watch/2600ebd5-bf60-4ad7-8ef3-8eb87bceeca3 Later in the semester I pushed for protected master. See this tutorial.

Protected Github Branches -- May 1, 2020

The pull request work flow is something I took for granted. Until I had to teach a group of beginner JavaScript students. unapproved merge requests new pull requests created to address comments in previous pull requests broken master force pushes 🔥 Protecting master and requiring pull requests is an attempt to fight the chaos. Video: https://video.travisshears.xyz/videos/watch/4526b94e-8680-4ab3-b3e8-916787d9be5e