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HTML + JavaScript VS Code Setup -- May 1, 2020

My favorite code editor outside vim is vs code. I was pumped when the other teachers and I agreed on requiring it for our JS course. It has already proven itself for beginners: fast enough for almost every student’s computer 🏎 stream lined class with both teachers and students working with the same editor on both mac and windows live share has allowed us to go in and help students fix bugs directly in the code live server has simplified how students work locally on very basic html + js classwork / homework cli integration is easy to use vs code setup walkthrough

Pull Request Homework Workflow -- May 1, 2020

Full version control pull request homework work flow, what could go wrong? I made this video to show students how to submit their homework as a pull request. The main oversight? Not having students configure their github repos to have protected master with one approve required on merge. So many unapproved merges 😭. Video: https://video.travisshears.xyz/videos/watch/2600ebd5-bf60-4ad7-8ef3-8eb87bceeca3 Later in the semester I pushed for protected master. See this tutorial.

Format HTML & JavaScript with VS Code -- May 1, 2020

Surprising how many HTML and JavaScript errors can be found by auto formatting. When the document does not indent properly after an auto format errors are easy to spot. An missing closing bracket there or missing closing tag. I made the following video to help my students with their document formatting. Something I never fully realized the importance of. vs code walkthrough

Protected Github Branches -- May 1, 2020

The pull request work flow is something I took for granted. Until I had to teach a group of beginner JavaScript students. unapproved merge requests new pull requests created to address comments in previous pull requests broken master force pushes 🔥 Protecting master and requiring pull requests is an attempt to fight the chaos. Video: https://video.travisshears.xyz/videos/watch/4526b94e-8680-4ab3-b3e8-916787d9be5e