Basic VPS Setup - 07-20-20


  • What is a VPS - Virtual Private Server
  • Why we need one
    • More tutorials to come
  • Creating SSH Keys
  • What is Digital Ocean Cloud Service Provider 👍
  • How to create a droplet
  • Basic server setup including creating a sudo user and setting up a ufw firewall

vps tutorial

Create a new ssh keys

Create two, one for root on the server and one for the main user

*make sure to create them in the ./ssh folder

From the home directory on your local computer run:

$ ssh-keygen

Create a droplet

  1. Go to

  2. Create an an account or signin

  3. Create a new droplet

    • Ubuntu 18 is fine
    • basic 5$ a month plan
  4. Add the root ssh key

    Easily copy to the condense of a file to the clipboard with:

    $ pbcopy < ./.ssh/
  5. Navigate to the droplet dashboard and wait for it to be created

Basic Server Setup

Great tutorial from digital ocean

  1. Using thee ip address from the droplet dashboard

    $ ssh -i ~/.ssh/demo_root_key root@666.66.66.66
    root@demo_vps:~ $
  2. Setup up firewall

    root@demo_vps:~ $ ufw allow 22/tcp
    root@demo_vps:~ $ ufw enable
    root@demo_vps:~ $ ufw status
  3. Create a new sudo user

    root@demo_vps:~ $ adduser travis
    root@demo_vps:~ $ usermod -aG sudo travis
  4. Add user ssh key to sudo user

    Copy the key to the clipboard on the local machine:

    $ pbcopy < ./.ssh/

    Append the key to the end of the authorized_keys files on the remote machine:

    root@demo_vps:~ $ vim /home/travis/.ssh/authorized_keys
  5. Exit root ssh session and test logging in to sudo user

    ssh -i ~/.ssh/demo_travis_key travis@666.66.66.66
    travis@demo_vps:~ $
  6. If all went well you now have yourself a server! 🥳

tutorial topics: [vps] [digitalocean] [screencast]