Trying to figure out how to take our pan collection to the next level and enable even more recipes and experimentation.

Non stick? Most of what I’m reading points to non stick teflon pans being bottom tier except for frying eggs. Ceramic non stick is also out there but neither last that long.


  • Cast Iron - Gusseisen
  • carbon steel - Kohlenstoffstahl
  • Schmiedeeisen?? wrought iron low carbon steel
  • stainless steel - Edelstahl
  • Aluminium Most come plain or teflon lined but anondized is best. Go for thick pan to ensure good thermo properties.
  • copper

pfannen material Common Materials of Cookware understanding stovetop cookware



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pan: Pfanne cast iron : Gusseiserne carbon steel: Kohlenstoffstahl baking pan: Backblech

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