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It has been a transformative year. Since last July I’ve moved to Munich, expanded my software engineer to include devops, and helping start an outdoor adventure group. I’ve always enjoyed maintaining a personal site as a form of self-expression both technically and content-wise so, with the new me here is a new website. The goal is a bilingual site in English and German to share my technical, art, and adventure perspectives. Hope you enjoy!

My background is in art & architecture background and I’ve taken those skills to the world of software development. I’m currently working as a devops engineer for Westwing. I enjoy intersections between tech, art, and pedestrian life. On the art side I seek out experimental forms of representation often mixing the physical with the digital whenever possible. On the tech side I’ve grown a skill set of 3D modeling, texturing, rendering, then mixed that with the web, and IOT. I often use these projects as a chance to continue to explore functional programming in the context of frontend and backend.