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January 2020 – update

This month makes a year and a half of living in Munich. In that time I’ve made progress in software development career building all around skill set doing frontend, backend, devops, and QA work. Living here has given me the opportunity to travel to places I never thought I’d see two years ago, just this summer I was in Corsica, Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland. Being so close to the mountains has been exactly what I needed to start building up my mountaineering skills. This year along with some with the support of really good friends I climbed biggest multi-pitch climb of my life along with a chimney climb that was perhaps my scariest climb. I’m excited to continue to build my life here and highly recommend moving to Germany.

Personal Site

This goal of this is to blog and share my life here in Germany with my friends back state side. It also serves as place to host my technical, art, and outdoor gear thoughts. As I’m learning German I’m also maintaining a German version of this site. Pages that exist in German as well have a “de” link in the upper left corner or the base url for the German site is . Hope you enjoy!


My background is in art & architecture and I’ve taken those skills to the world of software development. I’m currently working as a software engineer for Westwing.