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July 2020 – update

Hello world! I hope everyone is in good health. Times of Corona are not easy. Remember to take time to relax. I’ve been lucky enough to spend lockdown with my girlfriend. We’ve been careful, solely gathering with her family here in Germany since this whole thing started. Please also be careful. To my friends and family back in the states I wish you strength. From this side of the Atlantic things seem 🔥 over there. I know I’ve been gone a long time, two years, and I promise to visit soon as things calm down.

As for this site, it continues to be a therapeutic activity to maintain it. Every week there are new snippets, blog posts, and micro-blog posts. Recently we started doing a bit of travelling and camping so look forward to posts related to that.

What is this site?

A public journal? photo gallery? side project? This site is all of those. Here is the main place I document and share bits of my life. I do it for current myself, my future self, my family, my friends in DE, and friends back in the states. The main topics are basically my main interests tech, travel, alpinism, and art. I maintain a German version of the site. Translating has become part my language learning process. Enjoy.


Currently a senior software engineer at Westwing Group AG in Munich, Germany. Before that I was a web developer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. My education is in art and architecture. I apply those ideas to a host of side projects. Also started teaching JavaScript recently. If you want to know more get in touch.