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When I shutdown my Facebook and Instagram accounts, years ago, I switched to more open source friendly social media service networks; Pleroma was my first stop in the Fediverse. Since then I’ve maintained several Fediverse accounts and now BlueSky and Nostr.

My Micro Blog project aggregates all these posts from various accounts backs them up and makes them all available here on my personal site.

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18 hours ago

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21 hours ago

LEBRON! Another classic take over in the 4th quarter. As this is probably his last Olympics I’m hoping he goes out with a bang.

🇺🇸 vs 🇩🇪



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2 days ago

Visited a charming fabric store in Berlin. Picked up some canvas (made in Poland) and bed linen fabrics. Planning on making some tote bags and pillow cases. So refreshing to step into a fabric store and everything is not pink hearts jersey fabric.

Owner / worker was super nice and really took the time to understand my needs and share some sewing stories. I’ll definitely be stopping by on my next Berlin trip.

Babie lato
Schönhauser Allee 182A, 10119 Berlin

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3 days ago

“What about an app the does X? You’re a developer you could make it and we would be rich!”

A common question I get. Family and friends sharing their hopeful business ideas with me.

Rach Smith communicates my response well: “ideas are worth nothing, until they are implemented”. And I feel bad explaining this every time.

AI does not make the situation much better. Personally, I’m excited for AI as a dev tool but not much past that.


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4 days ago

The Race for the Galaxy 🌌 was fun last night. Glad I got it. With ~8 expansions, it should be fun for quite some time.


#cardgame https://image.nostr.build/a54cac9919d03e2bc5b22bf88ce395a6c88f2739a30f0549532eb77323eb396a.jpg

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5 days ago

Tried to use tRPC to communicate between two backend service. Nope.

The appRouter type has to be shared between the projects. Either with some hacky type generation and copy paste or another repo shared repo bringing dependency problems. Just nope. tRPC is not ready for prime time in the use case of backend service communication. Going back to GraphQL or simply REST.



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5 days ago

Got a chance to play Trails this evening with friends. Nice follow up to Parks. We went way over the 20-30min playtime listed on the box, but had a great time.


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6 days ago

HTMX is the next big thing. Just watch a talk at We Developers Conference and I’m convinced.



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6 days ago

Had a friend some years ago who worked for Circle CI. At that time, the main programming language there was Clojure. Always found that cool. Just learned they have switched to Go and TypeScript. 🥲


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6 days ago

I enjoy seeing new features and exploration in the decentralized social media bridge space. So far I prefer to keep my feeds in my various accounts separate, same for my posts. Then on my personal site I aggregate all my accounts in a custom way.

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6 days ago

Woh, so many English language bookshops in Berlin!

Picked up some photography assignments. I can sense another photography month coming. This time black and white.

Also Russian civilian perspective on the war.

#berlin https://image.nostr.build/d83ef0eddcea80eb49df6cf6ebee3ba11d86dc30ca0c3f026f3fc2c5c8af83ac.jpg https://image.nostr.build/0d8120775d13e26f16383c5abb35d70b4e995a193d21f6f9c1fe007452cb790e.jpg

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6 days ago

The egg sandwiches are real.

44 Brekkie


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6 days ago

Great boardgame store in Berlin. Picked up Race for the Galaxy, wishlist game, from their great selection.


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7 days ago

@thomasorus thanks for the reminder I need to jump back into Zed. Currently using Helix editor for terminal stuff and VS code for big stuff.

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7 days ago

At least I don’t have to worry so much about optimizing SEO for my personal site. hachyderm.io/@thudfactor/11279

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7 days ago

Cool to see developers making apps with family members about stuff they care about, boardgames.


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8 days ago

Some cool permacomputing links:



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8 days ago

Liking the DIY nature of permacomputing and many of the projects like UXN, but the dooms day rhetoric is little weird.

I’m here to check out everyone’s cool projects. Oh wait are we digital preppers?



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8 days ago

Berlin has so many cool communities.

offline.place has people getting together to with on decentralized tech and permacomputing.

Multiple workshops / maker spaces. Including sewing. www.berlincreators.de

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10 days ago

I’m hyped on trying to make century eggs at home.


Been on an Asian cooking kick lately.


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