Micro Blog - 01-01-01


As you can see by this website I’m a fan of blogging. Generating blog posts, snippets, and tutorials for my site is super fulfilling. Sometime I want to share something that is too small for any of those formats. Solution: Microblog!

Micro blogging is basically tweeting. In this case I’m using Mastodon instead because better control over content, privacy, and one less big tech company using my data to feed me ads.

This app is made possible by the generous open APIs of the Mastodon community. You can find me on the vis.social server as @travisshears.

– 13.08.2020 –

In the process from switching from Mastodon to Pleroma so currently the feed that was here has not been migrated. You can follow my microblog posts directly on my Pleroma instance here: https://social.travisshears.xyz/travisshears . Plan is to update my microblog plugin to read from the new Pleroma api soon.